We believe that access to basic financial services should be a human right, available to everyone, everywhere, who wishes to participate in the modern economy. Unfortunately this remains a challenge with over 2 billion adults worldwide being financially underserved according to the World Bank and over 65 million MSMEs facing a financing gap of $5.2 Trillion each year in developing countries despite creating 90% of all new jobs.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone can instantly access the financial services they need, anytime, anywhere, regardless of origin, language or economic circumstance.

It's a big goal and fortunately, we have a lot of help. Over 36,000 Financial Services Providers (FSPs) globally are independently working towards making this happen in many different ways; so instead of re-building the wheel, Finplus combines the power of our cloud-based, mobile-first technologies with the existing infrastructure of Financial Services Providers (FSPs) to accelerate progress towards this goal.

Finplus makes providing Digital Financial Services in any market effortless for FSPs. Our intelligent software automates your front & back-office operations so you can focus on your core business.

Our technology works on 3 axes:

1.) Front-office automation leads to UNIVERSAL AVAILABILITY: By designing simple-to-use service interfaces for both feature phones & smartphones we push FSPs to mobile-first origination, making it possible for their financial services to reach the world’s most remote areas.

2.) Back-office automation leads to FASTER SERVICE DELIVERY: By digitizing and automating many of the back-office processes FSPs require to deliver financial services and meet regulatory requirements, we accelerate the speed of service delivery while effectively controlling risk.

3.) Digital Finance tools LOWER COST of Delivering Financial Services: By using automation to enhance operational efficiency, we reduce the cost of providing financial services which frees up more capital for expansion so that these vital services can reach ever more people.

Why this matters.

By streamlining & accelerating mission-critical processes for large service providers and crafting delightful customer experiences for millions of their users, we make it possible for vital services to reach everyone in society.

For instance, our software can enable a previously unbanked person with no formal credit history and the most basic mobile phone to qualify for and in minutes receive a loan that makes it possible for them to grow a business that eventually helps them to escape poverty. Our software can make it possible for them to acquire health insurance for their family via the same mobile phone the following day. Rippling out, on the back-end of that we find that digitizing the origination, appraisal, approval, disbursement, collection and reconciliation processes at the bank or insurance company these people end up using can over the years save countless trees in voided paperwork. Automating these processes can not only allow customers to access these vital services around the clock, but it can shave hundreds of thousands of man-hours each year from the working days of the bank or insurance company’s employees so they can spend that time doing more valuable things. It often means they no longer need to commute to and from different offices or routinely ship documents back and forth, which drastically reduces their carbon footprint. Additionally, moving these and many other vital processes to risk controlled platforms that improve visibility, enhance transparency and enforce accountability can not only reduce exploitation but also close loopholes that leave gaps for corruption and other vices commonly encountered in informal or paper-based economies (which comprise most of the developing and part of the developed world). And that is just the tip of the iceberg. If the technologies we are currently working on bear fruit, even more will be possible in another few years.

Everyone talks about changing lives but few are ever able to do it on a large scale. You can be one of the few who create new ways to do so every day.

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